Truck Transport Inc.

International in our scope, detail-oriented in our approach, TTI is proud to be a Schilli Corporation operating company that specializes in both Liquid and Dry Bulk Transport. We’re good at what we do. And we do it safely, punctually, and at competitive rates.


Industries Served



Lube Oils

Petroleum Products


Why do business with us?

Superlative performance, timeliness, sensitivity to the environment, and safety record.

Customizable Services

Competitive Rates

Reliability, Longevity, and a full suite of resources.

State of the art communications technologies – TMW Operating System, Peoplenet, QUALCOMM

Highest commitment to safety.



Our equipment is specialized to account for the different nature of the products we transport.


Highly Viscous Materials

Insulated and Non-Insulated Piston Trailers for delivery of highly viscous products such as grease, caulking, ink, paint, and slurries. This is a Patented trailer design exclusive to Schilli Corporation.


Liquid Bulk Materials

Lined, unlined, and compartmentalized trailers (insulated or non-insulated) for delivery of products such as food grade and non-food grade liquids including chemicals, slurries, bleach, and resins.



Non-insulated stainless steel, lined carbon steel, and state-of-the-art FRP Units. Trailers lined with baked phenolics, natural rubber or chlorobutyl rubber. Designed for delivery of products such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid.


Petroleum Products

Non-insulated aluminum with center unloading. Trailers for delivery of products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and lubricants.