Bulk Transport Company

Here at BTC, we’re a division of Schilli Corporation that is 100% Dedicated to a single customer. We see ourselves as proof that an integrated transport management system is not only cost-effective for clients, it’s also a secure, reliable career for drivers. That’s why, after two years of service, over 68% of our drivers are still driving for us. In an industry with an enormous turnover rate, we see this number as proof that we’re going about our business in a correct manner.


The standards we hold ourselves to

Superlative performance, timeliness, sensitivity to the environment, and safety record.

Customizable Services

Competitive Rates

Reliability, Longevity, and a full suite of resources.

State of the art communications technologies – TMW Operating System, Peoplenet, QUALCOMM

Highest commitment to safety.



Our equipment is customizable and 100% aligned towards our customer’s objectives. We have modern, all-inclusive drivers that emphasize safety without compromising on driver comfort or timeliness.